19 year ol Benita from London, currently residing in the midlands, undertaking an English/American studies degree.
I am not sure
But the dream is to work as a fashion writer...
and stylist and actress and photographer and filmmaker

 On this blog I mostly want to write and share inspiration, you also might see a few pictures of me (ignore those!).

I want this blog to be an expression of me, consider it a free writing platform, where I can write/post what I wish.

This blog is also a special dedication to ethnic minorities in the arts, beautiful humans that I feel are shining through their craft and talents. Because there is often a broken connection between ethnic minorites and lets say; the fashion industry. It's all about representation for me, its a confidence boost to see someone that looks like me succeeding in a career I want to pursue.
And its not just for me but for girls (and guys) who want to prove the people that they love, the people that they hate and even themselves wrong.