Khaki x denim


Jacket from the charity shop 
Standard white tee
Mango skirt 
Asos boots
Choker from Ebay

'It's not about what you wear but it's about how you wear it'. meh. Can be disagreeable. I say this because in the age of social media a trend or craze could go around like wildfire, and before you know it, you too are obsessing over the latest style of thigh high boots, (most probably Yeezy inspired). In short, what you wear does count (to an extent), because if you are wearing something trendy not only will you be feeling yourself but Instagram will be feeling you too. And it doesn't even matter how rubbish you wear it, just a long you stick to the standard combo. Although I'm not really a trend led person, there's definitely some trending pieces that I'm into , but I'm always more drawn to shades, shape, and fit, I can't stress how important this is because an item that fits you well whether baggy or tight, will look ten times better. So what you wear does count, but it only counts for a moment and after that moment it becomes more about how you wear it because everyone's probably wearing the same thing. 
So if you're looking for tips on how to wear those peep toe thigh highs in a unique way, then I suggest you just be smooth wid it. LOL. Just be confident, confidence makes everything look better.

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