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Hey, guys, it's been a minute. 
So the title of this post basically means that I want to take my style in a slightly different direction. From my previous posts, You'll notice that I was drawn to baggier more masculine clothes, I'm not saying I have dismissed that style completely, but I'm embracing tighter more figure hugging shapes. And to my surprise, I was really happy with this look on me, as a petite girl, boots can be a saviour ( for when you're bothered). They give you height and lengthen your legs. they make you feel powerful and you can actually look down at some people.   I also feel super sexy in this outfit, but beware it isn't always practical as in, it may look nice in pictures but may be a bit difficult incorporating these look in your day to day life. If you want heght, definitely opt for a more comfortable heel, one that is just as thick and a bit lower. These ones here are from Asos were wearable for the first 30 mins, but after that, they just didn't want to cooperate with my foot. 
Also by being petite, I found that not all baggy clothes suited me , instead they swamped me and made me look smaller, I kinda  detached this black dress from its place as an undergarment to a much longer dress. 
I decided to switch it up from a leather jacket to a cropped jumper, The leather Jacket being an evening look whilst the cropped Jumper a more casual daytime look. I bought the Jumper from a charity shop, and just cut off the bottom half. 
Benita xoxo

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