breast gaps


Okay so there's so many things I like about his look and there are a few things that I don't. For instance what is up with my hair. Ah the perils of editing old (ish) pics, you always end up hating them because you have pointed out everything that is wrong with yourself. over the summer I lost weight. And I'll like to think that it was all those jogging sessions and eating less. but t turns out that my favourite potato and broccoli recipe was no match for me coming off the pill. Those nurses really tell you a load of bullocks. So now that I've lost weight my breast lost something too, and I didn't even now that I lost it there until I saw them looking sad one day. So now I have gained back a bit more weight, and I'm loving the extra jiggle, both in my breasts and other places.

Choker is from asos // Jacket from the charity shop // Top from bohoo

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