Kai aventdaleon and Sincerely Tommy


This woman right here is a boss, I'm always excited when I see a black owned business, and not just black but a business owned by a black woman, This woman right her goes by the name of Kai Aventadeleon. Born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, and then decided to use her hometown as her fashion playground. Her little way of giving back to her community comes in form of Sincerely Tommy, a conceptual store featuring up and coming designers from around the world specially chosen by Kai herself, The store is a space that is both light and open, with exposed brick walls, stone floors and a selection of giant plant pots littered around  the store. There is also a little cafe, promoting that lifestyle element of the store.

The style of the designs are often minimal and classic but with unusual shapes and silhouettes; along with the interior, this store screams relaxed Saturday afternoon with friends or family and the barbecue in the evening. Kai's style somewhat reflects the aesthetic of the store, she experiments with texture, girly and quirky shapes whilst fully embracing those natural curls. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post;be sure to head over to Sincerely Tommy

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