Amina Blue for NY mag


I am a big fan of Amina blue, her figure is bomb, her whole aesthetic is bomb. I first saw her modelling for the Yeezy collection and the first thing I thought was 'how does she make tracksuit bottoms look so good?'.  However, this shoot by Chrisitine Hahn for Ny mag is a far cry from Kanye's aesthetic and I love it. It is romantically odd and subtly sexual. There is purity in the white ruffles and exposed shoulders, oversized shapes bread power and dominance whilst fishnets and lace suggest that there is more than what meets the eye. 


So I am blogging again, this something I do when I can or when I feel like it, so as well as random thoughts and personal style I'll be posting about fashion. I really want to up my writing game, so I'll be writing more fashion based bits. 

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