What is a feminist btw?


I would love to call myself a feminist but the definition itself lacks clarity, it can often be misinterpreted and misunderstood. Which leads to ideals of what a feminist should be, to be honest there’s probably a how to guide on being a feminist.

I’m not into being the ideal feminist, or being the feminist people expect me to
 be, because that just defeats the point of being one in the first place.
Being a feminist is subjective. I wasn’t born in the UK, I came here when I was five with my father. Growing up here means that I’m struck with all these ideas of what it is to be a feminist, when I really cannot relate. What a feminist means to me cannot be what a feminist means to Lucy from Yorkshire.

But because I’ve grown up here, I have been more exposed to the word and its many, many versions, meaning that I can quickly form my own idea. What a feminist is to me is a mind-set, someone did mention this once, I really can’t remember who it was. But I would say it is definitely more of a way of thinking not a set of actions. As in when I walk into a job interview and I see some men are reaching for that same Job, my confidence in my abilities shouldn’t be wavered by the fact that I’m going up against men. You automatically and without a doubt see yourself as an equal. It’s basically just sheer confidence in who you are and what you can do. It’s knowing your power.

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