YGIG: My blog re-introduced


I cannot keep my finger off that refresh button. I'm in love with re inventing myself, and i have stopped being ashamed of it, from certain perspectives  I may have commitment issues given that I cannot stick to one bloody name. But I guess my constant change is part of my growth process. But tbh black silk was getting dry. Nevertheless through that persona I was able to understand what direction I wanted to take this blog

So WELCOME TO 'YOUR GIRL IS GOLDEN'. A blog dedicated to fierce, interesting, unique style. Inspiring work. To baby girls and sassy sistas. This blog definitely stems from Black Silk especially in its dedication black beauty and achievement, however the change of title brought some sassiness to the table. 
I also want to write a lot more, content wise my main inspo for this blog was Rookiemag, but I wanted it to be from a black girls perspective, something I could relate too. 
I will still be taking pictures of myself, because I'm a narcissist 
But there would be more advice/opinion posts/rants. 

Oh I'm planning to post some semi old pieces on here so a few more posts will be dropping next. 
Notice that the title is inspired how black skin turns golden in the sun
Love yourselves and stay golden 

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