Let me not go into the amount of violence in everyday american TV coupled with the violence inflicted upon African Americans. Let me just sprinkle some positivity on this post by acknowledging the fact that the video of Bitch Better Have My Money is indeed a well put together piece of work.
When I first heard the song, I had russian roulette vibes, you know dark room, a slight piece of light cast in an awkward angle. I imagined Rihanna constantly at the forefront of the camera, maybe with a baggy dark jacket, spouting the lyrics at the camera which are then empahasised by excessive hand movements. 
Until she gave us this, so different from what I imagined, yet so refreshing and most importantly, so Rihanna.

I must say Rihanna has really grown as an artist, you may not know this but I have a growing love for film, especially short fashion films. This short film, that was co-directed by Rihanna herself has me calling forth my inner badgal. lol. I’m super duper gassed.  
And here’s why, 
The whole vibe, the dusty road and car scenes ignite some Thelma and Louise memories. The style is amazing too, Rihanna as always has managed to slay an unpredictable outfit and i’m really loving the brown black and camel tones.
Okay so people were mentioning that a white privilegded women was being victimized (note that this is probably what made it sooo violent) thus making the video anti feminist. This video is just a form of storytelling a medium of expression for the artist and supposedly a reaction to what happened to Rihanna in 2009. However some of the white feminist community wanted to shed some tears because they saw a privileged white women play the role of the victim, whilst Rihanna is the one in power.
Personally watching this video made me feel empowered, the lack of care, and the amount of confidence emitted from Rhanna and her girls, helped fuel some fire within me. For me 'Bitch better have my money’, became ‘bitch I know myself, I know my worth’.
The editing is just simply amazing, my favorites in include the shot of the victim from a low angle facing up as she swings from the ceiling. This shot as a whole is so effective because it adds so much movement and life to an almost still shot. You can clearly see her emotion , its so arresting, intriguing and terrifying all at the same time. Next one comes where there a mid shot of Rihanna also from a slightly lower angle, and that shot just contains her for about two seconds until you see the captive swing again from the right and back. Indeed the images created are unsettling atmosphere but I think that’s what makes it so damn captivating. its uncomfortable to watch yet seems like so much fun. But that has always been Rihanna thing, danger mixed with fun. 
Rihanna mentioned that the concept for the video came to her 8 months ago, Its amazing knowing that she spent a while creating an actual concept for the video, she clearly has so much more creative input into her work. She can now say this is an expression of her, not just a media friendly construction of her by somebody else. And its obvious she is not here to be friendly or appealing, she’s here to create. And so she did.   
This is definitely what I would love to see in videos today, songs, like all other forms of art are supposed to tell a story. The video is supposed to enhance and emphasis that story, which is why its so refreshing to see something more original and full of development. Artists the bar has been raised, I don’t just want to go crazy and chant the lyrics to my bestie, I want to be captivated. 
Credit: Google images

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