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Ahhh so its been almost 3 weeks since I last posted. I mean I have been doing work for like half the time, I've also been planning the content I want to put on this blog. I want to keep the content specific but different each time. Over the next few days I may whip out a couple more posts just to keep it at a steady pace then go undercover till the end of May. 
I Honestly feel like my style is changing, veering slightly away from minimal and structured to more loose and bohemian, that is until I wear outfits like this and I feel so buff and at ease. Nevertheless British weather is changing into its own version of summer and summer is meant for experimentation. 
But for now I'm enjoying my comfort zone, which is this androgynous, tomboyish look oh and that pop of colour. I tried. To be honest I may try to avoid this look again, since becoming attracted to slightly different pieces. But I'm putting it up here because I don't want to miss out any moments. the location and the pictures my sister took are awesome too, I do love my minimalist, androgynous style, but maybe keep a bit of that and a touch of sass?

Ben xoxo

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  1. If it ain't broke, why fix it? I always wish I could dress so casually and effortlessly minimally but I'm such a sucker for prints and patterns in tropical colours.

    1. Yup you're right, I need to feel excited about my style again, but if prints is your thing, stick with it, they look sooo fun!! x

  2. Just read your bio and I like the straight forwardness. I come from a family where my dad has 2 pos doctors and god knows how many phds, my mom is a corporate lawyer and my brothers are as academic as they are one is doing his phd and the there is an international lawyer. So you can just imagine when I told them once I finished my university in Marketing that I did not plan on going into an MBA but into fashion design. I still struggle trying to prove creative careers are as important as an academic ones. I have convinced my brothers but still trying to work on my parents. SO the struggle is real. Hope things are going well for you xx