Oroma Elewa and Pop Africana


Meet Oroma Elewa  a Nigerian born from River state, who moved to New York for her family in search of a 'better quality of life' after schooling in Nigeria until after secondary school. 
my first encounter with Oroma was through her Instagram page almost two years ago, I had no idea who she was but that didn't stop her from capturing me through her feed. Her photography was incredible, it captured real life situations, there was attention to detail, colour, architecture, texture,
there was movement in everything . 
Basically she presented a really interesting vibe, she had a carefree attitude yet at the same time a lot of pride in everything that she posted 

Then I discovered Pop'Africana, and found out that she is not just this really cool chick who takes intriguing photographs. 
Oroma is the Editor and Founder of Pop'Africana, a bi-annual magazine. Through this magazine Oroma is able to make African culture more visible and accessible to the western world. This is probably what I love most about the magazine, visually and graphically there are some influences from the west but content wise it seems to be mostly stories from Nigeria, its history, its culture and experiences of the people that live there.
Visually it is a pleasure and content wise ( and I am speaking as someone who has only read pieces from the site because I am too poor to buy the magazine) it is rich, fun and relate-able and if not that, it is educational.
And because of this, the magazine is stimulating both visually and mentally, the only memories I have of  Nigeria belong to my five year old self and since then I've been ignorant, but Pop'Africana offers a current and modern insight. 
Yet being published in New York where African/Nigerian culture is not greatly practiced, I would say it is mostly an educational magazine. Her latest issue titled 'The way we plait' is centered around braids and the celebration of them, it seems to not just be presented as a distinct part of African culture but also as a craft. 

Furthermore her ongoing project 'A Brunch of Girls' is the coming together of creative, intelligent and ambitious women that take part in meaningful and intelligent discussion. It is just refreshing to see clearly passionate, working women coming together because of something positive to produce something even more positive.  

Oroma Elewa editor, photographer, owner of store Cool hunting etc, is a Nigerian woman whom is flourishing in the city of New York and is embracing the positive aspects of living in the big apple. But she has made sure to bring Nigeria with her, her style and aesthetic coupled with interesting content (by various writers may may I add) makes her work more accessible to young women like me who love to learn and be stimulated,yet at the same time feel inspired by the pretty pictures

Words:  Benita
photo cred: Pop'Africana 

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