Yeezy x Adidas: Getting us ready for the post apocalyptic world


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So right at this moment I'm listening to Kanye West's No church in the wild featuring Jay-Z and thinking of his performance with the (is iconic the right word) UK grime artists Skepta and Krept and Kronan, honestly I'm not particularly familiar with their music, but you can't ignore an artist's dedication to their craft. 

Just 'No Church in the Wild', that Brit performance and this collection projects a sense of defiance. Defiance of what he is supposed to see in the world by showing what he really sees.  I've had really good moments with Kanye's music, but when it came to his input in the fashion industry, I have always been apprehensive. 

Although he has had highlights in the footwear section, through his collaborations with Nike and also his introduction of frame glasses  (a secondary school favourite of mine), lest I forget stints with designers such as Philip Lim and Givenchy, stints like those set a sturdy platform for other rappers to collaborate with these designers, creating a now tightening relationship between hip - hop and fashion. 

But it seems as though collaborations here and there is where Kanye found some measure of success, because when he did try to become a 'fashion designer' through his womenswear collections in 2011 and 2012, it wasn't much of a success as the collections were not well received, even the garments from the first collection didn't make it to the store. 

So what is it about this collection that changes our (or maybe just my) perspective of Kanye West as a designer, is it the rawness, or the ordinary yet out of ordinary garments and the models that's are wearing them, or is it that I can see something persuasive and intriguing about this collection. Something that was there before in his previous collection, but my ignorance created the conclusion that a rapper should remain a rapper and should not use his wealth to buy the skill and talent of a fashion designer. 

I recently saw a tweet that read something along the lines of 'these are the clothes we'll be wearing after the apocalypse'. So maybe what I see in this collection is an abstract version of the future. So the future looks something like this, we have models of different heights, of different races, we've got the celebration of huge fros and dreadlocks.The girls have hips, thighs, they look more similar to 5 ft nothing me, those girls carrying their fros and those boys with their dreads tell me that future us do not care for society's standards. 

Also the colours, or is it tones, Kanye has managed to incorporate hues of khaki, camel, soft grey, deep green and soft turquoise, thus bringing alive the neutral aspect of the collection, the shades are all different, yet they easily blend into one another, their one and the same, just as the models. 
The garments also have an element of survival and to some extent hardship, for example the basic and tight fitting clothes, the plain jumpers, dark simple jackets, head nets, and the big bag-packs that buckle across the chest. Its all very practical and quite depressing, yet it is all simply awesome. I mean if you look at the way the jumpers slouch, and the inclusion of the holes, or how oversized and long the jackets are. I feel like the success is in the distinct differences in all of the garments

In all honesty I really wasn't having any of this collection at first until I watched the actual show, and Kanye being Kanye didn't want to do it like everybody else. So picture this, the models would stand in a row for a few seconds whilst  monotone hornlike music would play in the background then they would walk off so the next row can walk onto the same spot and so on and so forth. I must say it was definitely unique, you can tell there some sort of narrative unfolding, it was not the usual runway we were used to, There was no sashaying, scorching eyes or even a hint of attitude, just rows and rows of emotionless faces dressed as if their ready for war or just come out of one, 
looking ahead into nothing, 

 So is this the future you had in mind Kanye?


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