( Yes I'm starting again) 

But in 2014 I changed, I had come to accepted that I cannot be like the girl sitting next to me. Its still in the works but I'm beginning to realise how awesome I am.  I also realise that I can never be a completely good person, I will be bad, I must do bad things, just so I can make them and myself better. 

2014 was weird, heartbreaking and messy, it was the year that I achieved the most but felt the most lost. But you can't stay lost forever, and right now I'm finding my way. 

Making mistakes and being reckless are not just that, they are a wealth-full of knowledge, you learn so much more about yourself, what you are capable of and more of what you want and definitely what you don't want. 

Don't get me wrong, in 2015 I plan on making more mistakes, its just something that has to happen, but what must also happen is that I still regain myself  afterwards. I should never lose myself in my mistakes.. 

One of my posts from last year was named 'how to be babe', it wasn't exactly a step by step on how to achieve this status, mainly because I had no idea how to be one. 

2015 is sort of me learning how to be one, not just a babe, but a sassy - ass Goddess, this is probably why I deleted my old posts, looking at it felt nice but did not reminiscent 

It just didn't reflect my style and the version of me I wanted to be, I want to feel free on here, I want to be able to 'feel myself' on here. 
You also realise that there is so many things that you can do right now by yourself, you can't wait for that one person, that one place that one job, internship etc.  When you could start creating your own cloud nine here and now. 

I'm thinking way more about myself now, I'm in Uni, I'm allowed to. But its more of focusing on yourself, being your only comparison instead of letting it be that girl sitting next to you.

Ben xoxo

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  1. Hope all is well - Loving the new layout & looking forward to all you've got coming xx

    1. All is good and thank you for commenting boo boo, this is a first!