Ports has done it again. and why? 
  • Their SS14 collection hit the right notes, they oozed certainty, for example the way the suits were tailored, they were very clean cut and structured, 
  • There was also a hint of the 20's (one of my favourite eras) 
  • Overall it produced a collection that attracted the well assured men. 
Back to the present
  • Right now, its more of that mysterious, sexy boy with a good dress sense and sits right at the back of the class.
  • There is still some structure but the boyish quirkiness is evident in the the cut of the waistcoats and the backpacks. 
  • Lest I forget the colours, the warm and creamy brown add to the relaxed feel of this collection and the addition of bright green is just another element that amps up its playfulness. 

All images from Dazed

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